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Welcome to Coaching with AGoddess!

Congratulations on taking this leap of faith and becoming YOUR GREATEST VERSION.  I look foward to coaching with you and witnessing your transformation.

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Terms of Agreement


PAYMENT METHODS Payments must be accepted and cleared before services can be rendered. All payment plans and invoices must be paid via online invoicing, debit/credit cards, cash or zelle. CALL IN / IN PERSON PROCEDURE Please call in promptly and on time. If call is forwarded to voicemail, please do not leave a voicemail, wait for one minute and try to call again. Please arrive to your appointment on time. CANCELLATION POLICY It is the clients responsibility to notify the coach within 24 hours in advance to reschedule your session. No call, no shows will still be counted as a session. If the client has used all their appointments for the month, the coach has a right to charge a consultation fee to reschedule outside of the allotted sessions. HOLD POLICY In the event of an emergency or financial hardship, client has the option to place a hold on the program for up to 90 Days. Once hold expires, no extensions will be allotted and the client will be terminated from the program. TERMINATION POLICY If a client decides to terminate the program, the balance for the current month will be charged. CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY All clients personal information and the conversations between coach and client during coaching sessions will remain confidential and will not be shared or sold to any third party persons or businesses. CLIENT RESPONSIBILITY The coach agrees to maintain the business ethics and professional standards, while giving the clients support in the program. The client is responsible for effectively communicating and being open to the coach who is providing emotional and spiritual support. Client also must do the work in it's entirety in order to recieve maximum results. If the client is having trouble with understanding or completing tasks, it is their responsiblity to communicate and ask for assistance. The client must also be repsonsbile for managing their time, following the program calendar and keeping up with schedule sessions. REFUNDS & CHARGEBACKS All sales are considered final once services have been rendered. In the event that a client initiates a claim or chargeback with their bank, the charge will be contested, and the client may be subject to legal action for theft of services. LIMITED LIABILITY This is the entire agreement of the parties and reflect a complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter. This agreement supercedes all prior written or oral representation. Clients signature on this agreement indicates their understanding and agreement with the information provided above. Client also understands that AGoddess Love is not responsible for their decisions, actions or lack thereof during and after coaching sessions. CONSULTATION Coach and client will meet for a consultation to discuss areas the client would like to coach around. We will also discuss the program, program packages and start date. Consultations are 45 minutes. Abundant Living Coaching & Services (Additional Packages & Payment Plans Are Available. Contact Us For Details)

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