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Abundant Living 

Travel & Retreats

Abundant Living Travel & Retreats is a transformative membership-based organization that offers life-altering experiences through travel. Our mission is to stretch, grow, heal, and enrich the lives of women through immersive travel experiences. What initially began as a sibling's trip in February 2016, following the tragic loss of my little brother in a car accident, has evolved into a global movement for women's health, healing, and wholeness. We firmly believe that travel has the power to heal and change lives. We are dedicated to making a positive impact, 

for women around the world, one trip at a time.

What We Offer

Whether you're seeking rejuvenation, enjoyment, and inspiration through group travel or aspiring to establish your own travel business, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring you maximize the potential of your travel lifestyle. We're here to support you in achieving your travel goals, be it a transformative group experience or the realization of your entrepreneurial dreams in the travel industry.


 Travel Club

Embark on exciting journeys with our travel club and immerse yourself in fun, inspiration, and healing at affordable exotic destinations worldwide. Explore the globe with our travel group and take advantage of flexible payment plans to make your travel dreams a reality.


Custom Travel

Our travel experts specialize in crafting personalized vacations just for YOU. They meticulously curate experiences that not only align with your budget but also feature exclusive upgrades, added amenities, and tailor-made excursions that perfectly match your unique personality. Your dream vacation, meticulously planned for maximum value and enjoyment.

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Independant Travel Agent

Are you passionate about planning vacations? Join our travel company as a travel agent and unlock a world of opportunities! As a travel agent with us, you not only get the satisfaction of curating dream vacations for others but also enjoy fantastic pay and a host of perks, including the chance to travel to amazing destinations. Delve into a rewarding career where your love for travel meets financial success. Join us, and let your journey to becoming a travel agent begin!

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Hawaii Retreat

Join us in Hawaii for a fabulous 7 Day- 6 Night Spiritual Retreat

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