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Braids and Extensions Terms & Conditions

Academy Rules and Regulations: 

1) Please arrive 15 minutes before work start.

2) Student is required to stay the duration of the workshop.

3) Full payment is required at time of scheduled appointment.

4) We have the right to terminate any student for rude, disrespectful or inapproprate behavior without refund.


Cancellation Policy:

Student may reschedule workshop if an emergency arise. Payment will be applied to the following scheduled workshop

Cancellations for workshop must be 3 DAYS prior to your workshop. We have the right to cancel or refuse future appointments.


Photos and Videos:

I understand that I give permission for AGoddess Love Jamison / AGoddess Hair Ministry to use photos / videos of me and my work strictly for advertising purposes such as Social Media, Website and Company Promotional Materials.

I herby agree to release and waive any claims against AGoddess Love Jamison / AGoddess Hair Ministry in case of wrongful misrepresentation of photographs by a third party. 

I understand that AGoddess Love Jamison / AGoddess Hair Ministry will do it's best to protect the privacy and personal usage of all photo's and videos. 



We take pride in our work and give abundantly of ourselves, our talents, our skills, our knowledge and our wisdom to each student. There are NO refunds at AGoddess Hair Ministry. All payments are final.


Limited Liability:

This is the entire agreement of the parties and reflect a complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter. This agreement supercedes all prior written or oral representation. Clients signature on this agreement indicates their understanding and agreement with the information provided above.

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