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Crown of Glory Hair Treatments

Crown of Glory Hair Treatment formula is 100% vegan, safe and supports healthy hair. 


Our Blessed Oil is a blend of 15 organic and natural oils that are Biblically Inspired. These compatible healing oils are designed to Grow, Strengthen, Thicken and Hydrate your hair.


Millions of women are now transitioning back to their Natural ROOTS because of chemical and excessive heat damage. Join hundreds of C.O.G participants from around the country and start your hair wellness routine now to boost your hair health and keep it growing. 


The best hair care product line developed for real results. 

  • Start your regrowth journey today!
  • Live Hair Food
  • Risk-Free Guarantee
  • 100% Vegan
  • Chemical Free
  • Hormone-Free
  • No Toxins or Carcinogens
  • Gluten-Free
  • Custom Blends Available

Our LIVE HAIR FOOD is made with organic ingredients that STOPS hair breakage, GROW, STRENGTH and HYDRATES your hair and the results are amazing. Follow my regiment and instructions and not only will your hair be healthy but your body will be also.


Join our membership before you register for the treatment. 


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Discover the perfect trio for achieving optimum hair health with our
Crown of Glory - Live Hair Food collection!

Why choose Live Hair Food?

All-natural, organic ingredients - Deep nourishment and hydration - Strengthens and revitalizes your hair - Promotes healthy hair growth

We believe in nurturing your hair from the inside out, and that's why we've carefully curated this powerful combination of products: the Resurrection Hair Cream, the Radiant Root - Healing Hair Oil, and our Rejuvenation Hair & Follicle Detox Tea.

  • Resurrection Hair Cream: Our deeply nourishing cream is designed to breathe new life into your hair, leaving it softer, shinier, and more manageable. It's the first step on your journey to hair rejuvenation.

  • Radiant Roots Healing Hair Oil: Packed with organic, healing ingredients, this hair oil is your secret weapon for strengthening and revitalizing your locks. It's the second pillar in your path to healthier hair.

  • Rejuvenation Hair & Follicle Detox Tea: Beauty starts from within, and our detox tea is here to cleanse and rejuvenate your body, creating the perfect environment for your hair to thrive. It's the vital third piece in the puzzle of your hair's transformation.

Together, these products work in harmony to promote hair growth, stop breakage, and enhance your hair's natural radiance. Take the first step toward your hair's transformation and reign supreme in your hair journey. Your hair and body will thank you!

Unlocking the Secrets
of Healthy Hair

Natural Herbs

Step into a world of hair Rejuvenation and inner wellness with our healthy Hair & Follicle Detox Tea. Our tea is meticulously crafted with a potent blend of all-natural ingredients, carefully selected to boost your hair growth journey by prioritizing the detoxification of your body. We understand that a healthy body is the foundation for healthy hair.


Let's delve into the enchanting effects of our tea:

  1. Detoxification Powerhouse: Our unique blend supports the liver and kidneys in their vital role of detoxifying your body. By breaking down and eliminating harmful waste products from your bloodstream, we pave the way for healthier hair.

  2. Combatting Inflammation: Accumulated toxins can lead to inflammation, which is known to negatively impact hair health. Our tea helps reduce inflammation, creating an environment where your hair can thrive.

  3. Oil Glandular Detoxification: We enhance oil gland detoxification, ensuring that your hair follicles remain clean and free from any obstructive buildup that can stop hair growth.

  4. DHT Regulation: Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels within hair follicles can contribute to hair loss. Our tea aids in reducing DHT levels, promoting a healthier environment for your hair to flourish.

  5. Supporting Digestive Health: Proper toxin elimination begins in the gut. Our tea supports digestive health, ensuring that your body can efficiently remove toxins, leaving you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.

We believe that when you prioritize your body's overall well-being, your hair reaps the rewards. Our Healthy Hair Tea is here to enhance your hair growth regimen, offering you a holistic approach to achieving the beautiful hair you desire.

Experience the transformational power on a 14 Day Cleanse and embark on a journey to healthier hair and a revitalized you.


Here's to vibrant healthy hair!

Herbs and Condiment

Simplifying the causes of hair loss in three areas 

  • Area 1: DHT-Related Hair Loss: Deals with hair loss linked to a hormone called DHT.

  • Area 2: Nutritional Hair Loss: Handles hair loss due to not getting the right nutrients.

  • Area 3: Inflammation-Driven Hair Loss: Tackles hair loss caused by inflammation in the scalp.

Natural Herbs

How to begin

  1. Step 1 - Take our Hair Analysis test to identify your hair loss areas.

  2. Step 2 - Start on the Rejuvenation Detox Tea for healthy hair & follicle renewal.

  3. Step 3 - Start your Crown of Glory Hair Growth Regimen.

"We Recommend Campaign"

Video Testimonials

Discover the Hair Transformation Journey: Our customers share their incredible success stories with our nourishing, strengthening, and growth-boosting hair products. Witness the magic!


Blessed Oil Testimonies

Congratulations On Ur Success of…The Blessed Oil!

Blessed Oil has truly been a…Blessing! I began using it in 2021! The lovely bottle of oil with the rose petals caught my attention as Beautiful Ms. Kristin was making it, and pouring it into the bottles with the special touch of rose petals! The results have been wonderful! It has added vitality to my hair, hydration, strengthening it…reaping healthy vibrant growth.

Additionally, in my exercising everyday…I use it as a body oil…coupled with adding it to my daily lotion. It is fragranced with such a soft lovely scent. I buy Blessed Oil every time I’m in the salon! I highly recommend it!

I am a client for life of AGoddess Hair Ministry who is…The Absolute Beauty Couture & Best Hair Stylist in the WORLD!!

All The Best! Now Unto HIM! 

Ephesians 3:20 KJV❤️✝️

 - Dr. V.R.B.❤️🇺🇸✝️

When I first started using the bless oil my hair was weak, thin and damage. Now it’s Conditioned and growing stronger than it has ever been. I have told my girls about it and they love it too. I would recommend it to anyone who has damage hair and needs it conditioned. 

 - Rosemary Carter

Before I met AGoddess, I applied another natural product to my scalp and it burned my hair out. I came to AGoddess in tears hoping she could stop my hair from coming out. She immediately mixed up a clay that drew out what ever was causing my hair to fall out. That clay neutralized the effects I was having. Then she began using her Crown of Glory treatment and blessed oil on me for 3 months. 

Blessed Oil has been a blessing to me! It has helped my hair growth tremendously. Blessed oil has restored my scalp, roots and my locs. AGoddess has also provided me with the proper knowledge on hair care. I can assure you that Blessed Oil lives up to its name.





“My experience using blessed oil has been a wonderful journey. Blessed Oil has helped restore my hair. It has strengthen my hair and my hair is able to wear long braids without my hair follicle removing from my head. It has also hydrated my hair, which prevents me from having an itchy scalp or ongoing dandruff. I noticed the center of my head was losing hair, however, once I was able to applied The Blessed Oil continuously, I noticed growth within two months. I appreciate how the Blessed Oil is not too sticky and not to oily but just the right texture to apply on my natural hair. Lastly, it has strengthen my edges to grow stronger and Fuller.”








Praise Reports

The crown of Glory treatment was a pleasant experience. I experienced hair growth all over my head especially in the areas that were thin. It is an easy routine with the oil and I enjoyed getting my hair shampooed weekly. 


I’ve been in the crown of glory treatment program for about 4 or 5 months. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. The spray and conditioner that she uses on my hair has allowed my hair to become thicker and grow. In using this treatment I’ve decided to go natural with my hair rather than putting a relaxer on it every 6 weeks. I would highly recommend this route for any one who is looking to have stronger, thicker and healthier hair. 


Crown of Glory is amazing. The product not only made my hair grow but it was so much healthier. The process of growing hair is typically slow and results are seen at about the 6 month mark. But the results with this product could be measured as soon as 3 months. I am happy with my hair!


AGoddess has been providing me with the Crown of Glory treatment on a weekly basis for at least 5 months. During this time my hair has continued to get healthy and to grow. Through the use of her blessed oils, I have started growing hair in the front of my hair where I had a case of alopecia. AGoddess has also created a braid and bang style for me to help me feel beautiful and confident. If you are looking to have healthy hair that will ultimately grow while having special weekly treatments, AGoddess is the one for you!

~Love Veronica 

I started the Crown of Glory treatments in January 2021 and I haven't looked back. Since starting the Crown of Glory treatments my hair has become thicker, stronger, healthier and longer. My hair has grown tremendously and it also looks and feels great! Thanks to the Crown of Glory treatments I am no longer self conscious about wearing my natural hair 😁. Thank you again AGoddess for working a miracle on my hair. 🥰


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